Is Your Marriage, Family & Business Getting The Best Of You?
The Performance Upgrade Assessment Helps Men...
Fix Their Marriages, Reconnect With Their Families And Unleash Their Full Potential...Without Sacrificing Their Work, Career or Business Goals.
After working with thousands of fathers, husbands and businessmen and taking 5 years worth of collated data we’ve uncovered a DANGEROUS BLINDSPOT that is holding men back from operating at their full potential.

When left unchecked men find themselves:
  • Dissatisfied in their marriage…
  • Stressed, anxious and low self-confidence…
  • Unable to switch off from work, leading to burnout…
  • Loss of drive, energy and ambition…
  • ​Feeling lost in terms of purpose and passion…
  • ​And no matter how much they achieve it’s never enough!
THE GOOD NEWS… is it has nothing to do with complicated medical issues, biological factors or lack of desire.

In fact, once this blindspot is recognised the path to fixing it is very straightforward.

It all begins with getting clear on your ‘Unique Operating Type’, and until you understand that, you will continue to chase solutions to the wrong problem!

And that’s exactly why this assessment exists.

When you take The Performance ASSESSMENT you will:
  • Discover your unique operating type and how this impacts life performance...
  • Gain access to your custom generated training video based on your answers…
  • Be provided with a clear roadmap required to elevate all areas of your life!
Knowledge Is Power
And in less than 3 minutes, you will have a clear understanding of where to focus your time, effort and energy to tap into your highest potential.

Over 3,972 men have used this Performance Assessment to uncover what’s required to elevate their impact as fathers, husbands and business leaders.

Stop spinning your wheels and let us show you the missing piece of the puzzle.

We’ll not only help you create a life of more intimacy, connection and confidence - you’ll actually enjoy living it!

When you fix this blindspot you’ll operate with:
  • More intimacy and connection in your marriage… with less arguments, bickering and sleeping on the couch
  • Greater joy and fun with the kids… without the yelling, screaming and angry dad.
  • Higher levels of productivity and progress in business… with less stress and overwhelm.
  • Greater clarity, confidence, and motivation in everyday living… without the destructive behaviours and negative self talk.
No more guessing. 

No more overwhelm. 

Just a whole lot of confidence in yourself to elevate your life and results.
RISING KINGS exists to eliminate the stress, frustration and fatigue that comes with guesswork by providing men a proven step-by-step method men can follow to optimise their life for a more enjoyable marriage, better clarity of purpose and stronger confidence.

We are the trusted process you can count on when it comes to winning in all areas of your life.

RISING KINGS has successfully transformed the lives of 450+ dedicated husbands, devoted fathers and high performing businessmen across the globe with phenomenal results. We have a 100% success rate and live by the code “No man left behind.”

That’s Why We Are Australia's Most Successful Coaching Program For Men Who Want To Succeed Without Giving Up Their Marriage, Family Or Health.
The Path To a Stronger Marriage, Better Family Connection and Life Purpose.

#1 Take The Assessment:

We will help you uncover what’s causing friction and identify the best way to fix it and a clear path forward.

#2 Access Tailored Training:

Gain access to your personalised training video that will ensure you level up in your marriage, business and life.

#3 Operate With More Clarity:

Fix your marriage, boost your confidence and start living the life you deserve without self-doubt and defeat.

Be MORE. DO More. HAVE More.
From Angry and Unhappy to a Loving and Passionate Marriage. 
"My wife had fallen out of love with me and I was ready to give up. I've tried a lot of programs in the past but it was the RK program that gave me the right tools and processes to save my marriage and reconnect with my family."
Nathan Roper 
From Lost and Disconnected to a Fulfilling Marriage and Family.
"Divorce was on the cards. Joining RK saved me, my marriage and my family. Being surrounded by like minded men helped me get off the grog, get back into shape and start living the life I know I'm capable of."
Nathan Peart (Business Owner)
From Unaccountable and Stuck To The Best Year To Date.
"Business was consuming me and home life had become stale. Through RK I now have the strength to focus on my marriage and connection with my kids without sacrificing business results."
Simon Pickburn (Business Owner)
I Felt Dead Inside And Was About To Lose It All.
"Results with RISING KINGS have been incredible. They showed me how to live again. Giving me the motivation and drive to step back up and be the husband and father my wife and children deserved."
Brad Norrie
(Real Estate)
Take The First Step

And We'll Help You Unlock The Missing Piece To An Intimate Marriage and Better Connection With Family and Life...

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