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The game of ultimate success in business comes down to one simple thing... 
And as Founders the odds are stacked heavily against us.

With only 4% of businesses ever making it to 7 Figures , and of those 4% close to 73% will fail (contract, dissolve and die) within the first 10 years of operation!

This is a High Stakes Game and one that you cannot choose to play simply based on 'luck', 'hope' or a 'dream'.
I know from personal experience just how hard it can be running a business, holding down a family and trying to keep the Kingdom from collapsing.

The daily struggle of working 60, 70, sometimes 80 hours or more a week.  

Trying to run teams that just don't operate the way you do.

Juggling everything just to make payroll, dealing with client challenges, only to return home to a cold bed and sleeping children you never see.

RISING KINGS was set up to redefine what it takes to own and run a highly successful and sustainable business.

A roundtable of male Founders who desire a quality of life that most men only dream about.

RISING KINGS is a Business Mentorship Program that offers the hand-on advice our clients need. 

We guide them to where they need to go, ensuring they TRANSFORM their business and results every 90 days or less.
RISING KINGS is NOT for everyone. 
In fact we work exclusively with Male Founders that are looking to evolve to the next stage of business growth in terms of Wealth, Impact and Legacy.
  •   Growing a vision led business (Legacy)
  •  Looking to employ staff (building a team)
  •  Creating systems and processes
  •  Increasing profitability
  •  Dominating customer impact
  •  Developing leadership capabilities
  •  Scaling the business to 7 Figures + 
  •  Proving the business model works
  •  Early stage marketing and lead gen
  •  Basic sales performance
  •  Grinding & Hustling with no team
  •  Very early stage entrepreneurs
"An Organisation Will Never Outgrow The Founder"
95% of all small businesses will never outgrow their current revenue range because value is not being created at the company.
The vast majority of small businesses will stop their growth once a certain level has been reached. 

A typical initial threshold for a business is $1 million in revenue. 

After that, the next stopping point is often $5 million . . . and then onto the $10 million and $20 million marks. 
Most businesses stagnate at a certain level because of the limitations of the the Founder's capacity. 

In other words, once the risks associated with growth becomes too uncomfortable for the current Founder to bear, the growth stops and the company stagnates.

Across the marketplace of businesses, the vast majority will reach a certain level and stay there. 
This is not always because the company cannot grow.
It is more often the case that the Founder is simply not motivated to continue the growth. 

As a result most businesses never outgrow their self-imposed ceiling and become more and more difficult to transition in the future.

It's here that a Founder must understand that the success of the business is directly correlated to the capacity of the Founder.

And it's why the statement - "An Organisation Will Never Outgrow The Founder" holds true.
You started out in the game of business to build a successful company - One that makes serious money, impacts lives, and gives you the ability to create a legacy.
But somewhere along the line things changed!

While the business grew, clients began to roll in and you began to bring on staff, the challenges became more and more intense.

Each requiring more and more of your time, your energy and your capacity.

Things shifted from one where you ran the business, to now, where the business runs you!

A great way to explain what is happening and why, is through the Founder Success Path. 

The 6 phases we go through as a business Founder on our journey to ultimate success.
It’s where all great things start. Big ideas, drive, motivation and ambition. At this stage of the game, the Founder has plenty to give to the business and the business requires everything he has in order to ensure it grows. 
Following on from Phase 1 - ALIVE, the Founder continues to focus on the key entrepreneurial elements of business growth such as sales and marketing to prove the business will work. The business at this stage has little impact and little risk associated with it.
Overtime the business grows to a point where it begins to challenge the Founder. Every month he's doing everything he can in order to keep the business alive. Wearing all 'hats' so to speak simply to ensure that the momentum is kept alive.
And then things begin to shift rapidly, as the business outgrows the Founder. That point along the path where business takes over our life. It’s here where most businesses come to die, because they don’t have the required skill sets and mindsets required to evolve to the next phase.
But for the small proportion of Founders that recognise it’s a game of evolve or die, they invest in upgrading the Founder. A unique path that is often missed and overlooked by the many. But those who do begin their transformation to join the ranks of the small yet highly successful and wealthy Founders.
This is utopia. It’s why we started a business in the first place. A highly successful and sustainable business that creates serious wealth, impacts millions and will leave a legacy for generations to come. Where the Founder has the capability and capacity to lead teams and drive a high performance business to ultimate success.
And that's what the RISING KINGS Mentor Program 
Is All About...
Providing Founders with everything they need in order to evolve and move along the path of success - FAST! 
So if you want to explore how to accelerate your path with the help of me and my team…
...then apply here for a short 15-minute phone call, just to see if you’re a fit for our accelerated business mentorship program.
Most business training programs and courses focus on Phase 1 and 2, teaching how to ‘grow’ a business. 

All well and good for the ‘entrepreneur’ stage of business. 

But you’re beyond that stage of business and you’re searching for something beyond the elementary.

What got you here won’t get you there, and that’s why we have a unique tested and proven methodology that builds a powerful Founder from the ground up and is responsible for generating millions in profit for male Founders.

The biggest mistake we see is the belief that business drives success. 

Which is simply not true.

Think about it this way, when you put an average driver into a Formula 1 vehicle, you will always get average results.

And no matter how much more effort is put into enhancing the vehicle, the results WILL NOT CHANGE.

The results of the vehicle is determined by the performance of the driver, and so when it comes to business...

"The biggest mistake we see 
is the belief that business drives success."
Which is simply not true.

Think about it this way... 

When you put an average driver into the worlds best Formula 1 vehicle, you're only going to get average results.

And no matter how much more effort is put into enhancing the vehicle, the results WILL NOT CHANGE.

You see, the results are not determined by how great the vehicle is, but are in fact determined by the performance of the driver.

And so when it comes to the game of business...
"It’s YOU that drives the business to SUCCESS."
And that’s exactly what we focus on in RISING KINGS.

We’re no ordinary business group or training program.

In fact, this is NOT a business training program at all.

The problem is most business training programs...
  •  Are poorly led with no real structure or organisation. 
  •  Do not have an obsessive focus on producing results.
  •  Do not give you one-to-one coaching and mentorship.
  •  Have no clear goals, accountability or support for members.
  •  Grow too large and the real connections become impossible.

And that's why RISING KINGS is different.

The RISING KINGS ACADEMY is a High Performance Business Mentor Program.

What's the difference?

As I’m sure you know, a mentor is more than just a coach.

It’s someone who’s 100% dedicated to your success. Because it’s not just about strategic coaching or support.

A Business Mentor Program...
- Cuts out the all the noise
- Focus's on transformation
- Collapses time in terms of results
- Follows a 'Less But Better' methodology
- Puts all the focus on YOU!

RISING KINGS is a Brotherhood of male Founders ruthlessly committed to creating massive results and not excuses.

So if your goal is to be held accountable by powerful men around a dynamic lifestyle of big ass results, then this Brotherhood is exactly what you've been looking for.

However the RISING KINGS ACADEMY is not for everyone, and frankly, not everyone who applies is accepted.

But if you do manage to get in, you'll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds committed to living this high performance life, your brothers.

You're on this page because you're looking for the fuel and fire to create a long lasting legacy.

And it's important that you understand that it's the quality and ruthless commitment we keep to make this group of men truly the best.

It enables those who join this brotherhood to experience seemingly impossible results in such a short period of time.  

Think experiencing 3 years of results within 12 months, if not sooner. 
- Men who have 3X'd (and a handful who have 10X'd!) their business revenue
- Men who have built and led teams to reduce their working hours by up to 50%
- Men who have evaporated their stress levels into a calm certainty
- And so much more...

Here's a small taste of what went down in the last 12 months:
-> Todd added an additional $1.1m to his business in under 120 days!

-> Sam took his business from stuck at $823k to over $2.5m in 12 months!

-> Kish increased revenue while reducing his working hours by 40 hours a month!

-> Nick doubled his team and increased revenue by over $40k/month!
The RISING KIGNS ACADEMY is NOT a group coaching program.
Here’s the thing: if you’re already making over $10k/month net and want to scale your business...

You don’t need another marketing program.

Or a tutorial on Facebook ads.

Or a group coaching program where you get lost in the Facebook group with just a community manager who doesn’t actually know how to help you.

What you need is 1-on-1 mentorship, and the expertise, insight, and strategic direction of successful Founders to guide you to the next level in your business so doubling your business feels effortless.

RISING KINGS ACADEMY is a no-holds barred growth program. 

We go to the mat with you to make sure you get the results you want.

We're not afraid to tell you the truth and push you to grow in the areas that you need to - even (and especially) when it's uncomfortable. 

That's where the biggest growth happens.

Other programs usher you along with encouragement and empty promises.

We get down and dirty with you to make sure nothing gets in your way - not even yourself.

If you are ready for us to help you get these big ass results in your business, click the 'APPLY HERE' button below.
So if you want to explore how to accelerate your path with the help of me and my team…
...then apply here for a short 15-minute phone call, just to see if you’re a fit for our accelerated business mentorship program.
"Game Changing Business Transformation"
  •  MORE CLARITY: Gain crystal clear visibility into the next 10+ years of your business. We'll also dig in on your 3HAG (3Year Highly Achievable Goal) and reverse engineer back so that you know exactly what you need to be working on right now in order to drive the right results in your business.
  •  BUILD AND RUN AN A-PLAYER TEAM: It's one thing to have a team, it's another to lead like a true master. You'll learn what it takes to build and run an A-player team so you create bigger and better results faster than you ever thought possible.
  •  MORE CONFIDENCE & CAPACITY: You'll learn how to operate with more energy, focus and drive every day, even when you feel the chips are stacked against you. On top of that you'll have the confidence you need to ensure you never stall and make the right decision to create the best results.
  • ULTIMATE IMPACT: Understand what it takes in order to 10x your impact on your customers, team and everyone around you. This one shift alone will change the entire way you perform as a leader and Founder and dramatically boost your key business results.
  •  MORE PROFIT: The men in the program are consistently driving a 2x - 10x boost in business profits by transforming the way they show up everyday as a High Performance Founder in their business.
  •  BUILD YOUR LEGACY: This is a game beyond creating a good business. RISING KINGS is building powerful men who are stepping up and creating a legacy that will be felt for generations to come.   
Here's Who This Is For...
  •   If your business is NOT growing as fast as you want..
  •  If you want to double, triple or even quadruple your revenue this year…
  •  If you want hands-on, focused mentorship… 
  •  If you want to join a small, hyper-exclusive “brotherhood” of successful Founders who’ll support you, hold you accountable and help you grow… 
  •  If you want to discover how to build and lead a team of A-players so you can do less and achieve more… 
  •  If you want to increase your influence and expertise so you become the leading authority in your industry… 
And...If you're accepted into the RISING KINGS Brotherhood, you will be pushed and tested to your limits in the way you lead, communicate and operate within your business and life.


Because of a simple truth:
At the moment of reading this, what you know has served you in getting you the results you currently have. 


I know something about you, brother. You have a searching... a hunting, even... that moves you to seek more, to seek better, and a desire to truly have it all. 

And truth is, to have it all, you need new skillsets, new mindsets, new associations, and new levels of accountability within a roundtable of men - of Kings - you can respect and you can trust.

So if you are here, I hope you'll apply to join our ranks.
A small sampling of what the RISING KINGS ACADEMY offers...
12 months of clear impactful business mentorship from Ben Salkeld and the team. We'll help you get very clear on your goals (and how they’re tied into the bigger picture), and ensure you're working on the right projects at the right time to create the desired results.
Intense 3 day on-site business workshops held every quarter. Where you'll smash through the barriers, delusions and challenges holding you back from the exponential growth you require and will get with us. 

Continual training on the strategies and tactics to remain on the cutting edge of business. Get the most advanced training on how to rapidly grow your business, improve your profits, boost efficiency and increase output. Proven strategies that are working right now. 
Your progress and results are the #1 focus from start to finish. Everyone needs accountability, and since we’re focused 100% on results, this is one of the key pieces to help make sure we push you and support you to make it by far the best 12 months of your life. 
Experience seemingly impossible results with the support of your business Brothers. There’s an almost magical power to a mastermind and you’ll get to experience this first-hand, with a hand-picked group of elite Founders. 
Get your questions answered anytime (from anywhere)… without scheduling a call in advance. With the free “Voxer” app you’re able to send myself a question and get your answer straight back to your phone via a voice message. 
You’ll get our focused, dedicated and unwavering attention on you and your business. We’ll focus exclusively on your business, your goals, your biggest challenges, and then we’ll coach you on exactly what you need to do next. 
You'll get one-to-one “emergency” calls where you can book private coaching calls to help you break through any challenges, roadblocks or setbacks you face on the road.
Plus, along with the Brotherhood members we’re going to bring some special guests to join us. Imagine how it'll be to hangout, connect and pick-the-brains of some of the most influential Founders alive. 
Jay V: Founder TGA
Doubled business profits in his first 90 days.
Trent A: Co-Founder Vesco
Secured a 7-figure Seed round investment.
Nick R: Founder NJR Plumbing
Added additional $43k/month to the business.
Sean M: Co-Founder One Life Adventures
Opened 3 new global locations and 5x his team.
Head Mentor & Founder of RISING KINGS
Dissatisfied with the conventional path that traditional business programs follow, I founded RISING KINGS to prove, that great business mentoring can enable men to do their life’s best work.

My mentorship programs have been incredibly popular across Australia and around the world. I've helped hundreds of Founders completely transform their business results using my Ultimate Impact Systems (TM) and advanced accountability programming.

My addiction to high performance and big ass results rubs off on my clients who are challenged to step up and become the King they were born to be.

If you're looking for increased confidence, clarity, capacity and life changing business results, then I'm here to help you.

So if you want to explore how to accelerate your path with the help of me and my team…
...then apply here for a short 15-minute phone call, just to see if you’re a fit for our accelerated business mentorship program.
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